Ryan Polselli: How the MammoLink® Process Works

Ryan Polselli is the Founder of MammoLink®, a company dedicated to connecting quality digital mammography services and technology with general practitioner and OB-GYN physicians. Established in 2016, MammoLink® empowers practices with the equipment, technology and support they need to provide their patients reliable breast imaging services on a constant and consistent basis.

Ryan Polselli: How the MammoLink® Process Works

For those considering MammoLink® services for their practice, Ryan Polselli and the MammoLink® team have developed a unique plan-of-action that ensures you’re equipped with the technology and equipment you need to better serve your patients as quickly as possible.

–First, the team at MammoLink® works with you to determine the unique characteristics and capability of your office, and to then make mammogram recommendations tailored to meet your needs.

–MammoLink® then establishes and provides a clear timeline of events for equipping your office, ensuring you understand the length and scope of the services they will be providing.

–MammoLink® serves as Project Manager throughout the process, putting your practice in connection with the latest in mammography screening equipment while handling all certification and licensing requirements.

–They then work to complete and process all related paperwork, so as to guarantee everything is certified and meeting state and federal regulations.

–Once everything is complete, you can begin use of your new, cutting-edge mammography equipment, giving you the chance to serve your patients better than ever.