Dr. Ryan Polselli: Letters of Commendation

Dr. Ryan Polselli is a Breast Imaging Diagnostic Radiologist who earned his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of South Florida in 2006. Years prior, in 1992, he joined the United States Navy and proceeded to serve for the nuclear power program and attend the United States Naval Academy Preparatory School.

Dr. Ryan Polselli: Letters of Commendation

“[Dr. Ryan Polselli] was recognized with Commanding Officer’s letters of commendation and several awards as well as the National Defense Service Medal,” reads his professional biography. “However, Ryan Polselli states he is proudest for being selected as the Honorman for his class. This honor was awarded by an anonymous vote from his peers as they selected the individual they believed demonstrated the most integrity and could be entrusted to enforce the Honor Code, a code that outlines the expected characteristics of Honor among the officer class.”

Would you like to learn more about Dr. Ryan Polselli? Visit his personal website at www.ryanpolselli.com or head to the MammoLink® website at www.mammolink.com. Interested parties can also visit the Global Imaging Specialists website at www.gisrads.com for more information on Dr. Polselli’s work.