Ryan Polselli: Four Years at GIS Radiology

Dr. Ryan Polselli is a leading professional in the field of breast imaging. He serves as Radiologist at GIS Radiology—a position he has held since 2015. Dr. Polselli is also the Founder of MammoLink®, a leading provider of cutting-edge breast cancer screening services and solutions to physicians and clinics across the United States. Dr. Polselli earned his medical degree at the University of South Florida College of Medicine.

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Ryan Polselli: What MammoLink® Can Offer You

Dr. Ryan Polselli and the board-certified, fellowship-trained team at MammoLink® work with practitioners to elevate the patient experience—providing the full mammography solutions, equipment and capability clinics need to deliver better care and a more rewarding experience to patients every day.

An expert in breast cancer screening, Dr. Ryan Polselli knows well the benefit comprehensive mammography treatment and capability can have for both physicians and their patients, including:

Better Financial Outcomes

With the opportunity to offer patients in-office breast cancer screenings, clinics benefit from higher profit potential—something that, in turn, provides the foundation for delivering an overall higher level of patient care.

Higher Patient Satisfaction

MammoLink® services help eliminate the frustration many women feel throughout the mammogram process. By making breast cancer screening more accessible to your patients, you end this hassle, improve your system and make the screening process much more efficient for your patients.

Visit MammoLink® today to learn more.

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Ryan Polselli: Improving Breast Cancer Screening One Clinic at a Time

Dr. Ryan Polselli and the team at MammoLink® are focused on improving the process of breast cancer screening—of making mammograms easier and more accessible to patients across the country.

MammoLink® looks to forever change the relationship between radiologists, physicians and patients to not only to optimize breast screening treatment, but also to empower clinics with the resources, capability and technology they need to create a better patient experience.

Helping Clinics and Patients Thrive

Dr. Ryan Polselli and his expert team of board-certified, fellowship-trained radiologists work with each client-physician to ensure:

  • The best course of action for providing their clinic with mammography equipment and capability.
  • All required certifications and licenses are obtained and in place prior to equipment operation.
  • Clinic staff is well-versed and trained in equipment use and required recordkeeping.
  • Support is provided from start to finish, including long after equipment installation is complete.
  • Visit the MammoLink® website today to learn more.




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Ryan Polselli: Providing Physicians the Best in Mammography Solutions

Dr. Ryan Polselli is dedicated to providing each physician-client the best in comprehensive mammography services—those that equip practices with the resources, support and equipment they need to better serve their patients.

The Founder of MammoLink®, Dr. Ryan Polselli works tirelessly to ensure his clients have everything need not only to enhance their own unique services, but to supply patients a superior-level experience for years to come.

Managing Your Mammography Project from Start to Finish

In addition to the determining each practice’s unique situation, needs and patient flow patterns, Dr. Polselli and the MammoLink® staff offer comprehensive project management—that which includes:

  • Ensuring your new breast imaging equipment is installed securely and on time.
  • Working to fulfill all licensing and certification requirements for your new equipment.
  • Any/all support your practice needs to provide patients a quality mammogram treatment experience.

Learn more about MammoLink® and what they can offer you.

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Ryan Polselli: Bringing Quality, In-Office Mammography Services to Your Practice

Dr. Ryan Polselli is proud to offer general practitioner and OB-gyn physicians an extensive portfolio of mammography services and options. The Founder of MammoLink®, Dr. Polselli looks to equip practices with the mammography capability, equipment and procedures they need to enhance operation and better serve patients.

Unique Mammography Services and Solutions

Dr. Ryan Polselli and the MammoLink® team work with each physician to determine their unique needs—as well as to design the mammography solutions that best fit their practice and their patients. MammoLink® services include:

  • Determining the practice needs and providing recommendations that best fulfill them.
  • Clear communication on the scope of the service and timeline for bringing everything together (including installation of the new breast imaging machine).
  • Full project management, including the acquisition of necessary certifications and completion of all paperwork prior to the use of new mammography systems.

To learn more about Dr. Polselli and custom MammoLink® mammography solutions, click here.

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Ryan Polselli: Breast Imaging and Cancer Diagnostic Medical Expert

Ryan Polselli has been involved in producing better breast imaging and cancer screening services for women for many years. As the head of Breast Imaging at Global Imaging Specialists, Dr. Polselli is always searching for ways to improve the cancer screening process, which has been historically plagued by missed diagnoses, inconvenience, and errors in the past. Over time, Dr. Polselli hopes to forge relationships with many professional medical communities throughout the United States so that this crucial technology reaches as many patients and doctors as possible.

Ryan Polselli has worked with many patients and other physicians to improve the imaging process and screening systems so that no more diagnoses are missed and that everyone dealing with the deadly disease has a fighting chance of recovery. In addition to the development of MammoLink®, Dr. Polselli “developed a breast biopsy marker that included microscopic identifying information that gave mammographers much needed history and context when interpreting a mammogram so that errors were avoided.”

Ryan Polselli has already seen positive results from his shared knowledge and expertise in breast screening and imaging. He hopes that his improvements will result in better care for cancer patients throughout the United States and beyond.

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Ryan Polselli: Medical Business

Ryan Polselli started his own medical business, MammoLink® in 2016. Since then, the technology his business provides has helped detect and treat breast cancer in countless patients. Dr. Polselli has worked himself in radiology for many years, always seeking to find tell-tale signs of cancer in his patients long before they become problematic. The key to cancer treatment of any kind is early detection. Seeing firsthand the limitations of current cancer and tumor detection methods, Dr. Polselli knew he had to go into business for himself to improve the process.

Ryan Polselli News Interview

Ryan Polselli created MammoLink® to offer “technological and radiological expertise to physicians directly involved in patient care in order to significantly simplify and expedite the breast cancer screening process for both patients and physicians.” The company is in the process of developing partnerships with professional physician groups throughout the United States.

Ryan Polselli also set up MammoLink® to be collaborative between patients, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. A portion of every mammogram completed by the technology is returned to the community to the charity chosen by the patient getting the mammogram.

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