Ryan Polselli: MammoLink®’s Unique Services and Operations

Dr. Ryan Polselli and MammoLink® offer physicians an extensive selection of customizable mammography options to meet the needs of each unique practice.

From beginning to end, Dr. Polselli and his team oversee and handle the entire process, including everything from mammogram recommendations and equipment to patient flow patterns, uniforms for staff and more, ensuring a complete and satisfying experience for every client.

Ryan Polselli

The Unique Services and Operations Available through MammoLink®

When it comes to equipping practices with the latest and best in mammography services, Dr. Ryan Polselli and MammoLink® have you covered. MammoLink®’s unique range of services includes:

  • Mammogram recommendations designed to fit your needs.
  • Timeline creation and scheduling for equipping your practice with your new machine.
  • Project management that includes everything from installation to equipment licensing and certification.
  • Providing answers to all your questions and ensuring your equipment is operating seamlessly.

Find out what MammoLink® can do for you.

About Ryan Polselli

Ryan Polselli designed MammoLink® to send a portion of every mammogram back to the community to the charity chosen by each patient. "Our current healthcare system forces patients to jump through an endless number of hoops to take care of themselves. It would be hard to design a more inconsiderate, inconvenient, and inefficient system. The system "bends" patients, often unreasonably, to fit the needs of the system, rather than "bending" to the needs of the patient. It is time that we completely redesign a healthcare system that puts patients first and gives patients complete control so that they can best take care of their health. This is especially true in the field of breast cancer screening and diagnosis." --Ryan Polselli, M.D., Diplomate of the American Board of Radiology, Fellowship Trained Breast Imaging Radiologist, Founder and CEO of MammoLink®
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