Ryan Polselli: What MammoLink® Can Offer You

Dr. Ryan Polselli and the board-certified, fellowship-trained team at MammoLink® work with practitioners to elevate the patient experience—providing the full mammography solutions, equipment and capability clinics need to deliver better care and a more rewarding experience to patients every day.

An expert in breast cancer screening, Dr. Ryan Polselli knows well the benefit comprehensive mammography treatment and capability can have for both physicians and their patients, including:

Better Financial Outcomes

With the opportunity to offer patients in-office breast cancer screenings, clinics benefit from higher profit potential—something that, in turn, provides the foundation for delivering an overall higher level of patient care.

Higher Patient Satisfaction

MammoLink® services help eliminate the frustration many women feel throughout the mammogram process. By making breast cancer screening more accessible to your patients, you end this hassle, improve your system and make the screening process much more efficient for your patients.

Visit MammoLink® today to learn more.

About Ryan Polselli

Ryan Polselli designed MammoLink® to send a portion of every mammogram back to the community to the charity chosen by each patient. "Our current healthcare system forces patients to jump through an endless number of hoops to take care of themselves. It would be hard to design a more inconsiderate, inconvenient, and inefficient system. The system "bends" patients, often unreasonably, to fit the needs of the system, rather than "bending" to the needs of the patient. It is time that we completely redesign a healthcare system that puts patients first and gives patients complete control so that they can best take care of their health. This is especially true in the field of breast cancer screening and diagnosis." --Ryan Polselli, M.D., Diplomate of the American Board of Radiology, Fellowship Trained Breast Imaging Radiologist, Founder and CEO of MammoLink®
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