Dr. Ryan Polselli: Work/Life Balance

Dr. Ryan Polselli is a busy Breast Imaging Diagnostic Radiologist and the Founder and CEO of MammoLink®. He serves as the lead interpreting Breast Imaging Radiologist for four successful outpatient imaging centers and can often be found working on his latest community speaking engagement for Breast Cancer Awareness.

When he isn’t working, though, Dr. Ryan Polselli has several hobbies that help him find balance. One of his favorite pastimes is scuba diving. “[I] learned to swim before I could walk,” he commented in a 2017 interview, “[and I] love to scuba dive.”

Dr. Polselli is also a private pilot who learned to fly while he was in medical school. He’s passionate about aviation, and he’s a member of both the Federal Aviation Administration and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

Travel, studying physics, training his dogs, exercising, cooking healthy meals, blogging about medicine, wine tasting and exploring the outdoors are among Dr. Polselli’s other favorite hobbies.

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