Ryan Polselli: Breast Imaging and Cancer Diagnostic Medical Expert

Ryan Polselli has been involved in producing better breast imaging and cancer screening services for women for many years. As the head of Breast Imaging at Global Imaging Specialists, Dr. Polselli is always searching for ways to improve the cancer screening process, which has been historically plagued by missed diagnoses, inconvenience, and errors in the past. Over time, Dr. Polselli hopes to forge relationships with many professional medical communities throughout the United States so that this crucial technology reaches as many patients and doctors as possible.

Ryan Polselli has worked with many patients and other physicians to improve the imaging process and screening systems so that no more diagnoses are missed and that everyone dealing with the deadly disease has a fighting chance of recovery. In addition to the development of MammoLink®, Dr. Polselli “developed a breast biopsy marker that included microscopic identifying information that gave mammographers much needed history and context when interpreting a mammogram so that errors were avoided.”

Ryan Polselli has already seen positive results from his shared knowledge and expertise in breast screening and imaging. He hopes that his improvements will result in better care for cancer patients throughout the United States and beyond.

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Ryan Polselli: Medical Business

Ryan Polselli started his own medical business, MammoLink® in 2016. Since then, the technology his business provides has helped detect and treat breast cancer in countless patients. Dr. Polselli has worked himself in radiology for many years, always seeking to find tell-tale signs of cancer in his patients long before they become problematic. The key to cancer treatment of any kind is early detection. Seeing firsthand the limitations of current cancer and tumor detection methods, Dr. Polselli knew he had to go into business for himself to improve the process.

Ryan Polselli News Interview

Ryan Polselli created MammoLink® to offer “technological and radiological expertise to physicians directly involved in patient care in order to significantly simplify and expedite the breast cancer screening process for both patients and physicians.” The company is in the process of developing partnerships with professional physician groups throughout the United States.

Ryan Polselli also set up MammoLink® to be collaborative between patients, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. A portion of every mammogram completed by the technology is returned to the community to the charity chosen by the patient getting the mammogram.

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Ryan Polselli: Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnosis Expert

Ryan Polselli is a diagnostic radiologist working as the head of Breast Imaging for Global Imaging Specialists. He is also the CEO and founder of MammoLink®, a revolutionary breast imaging company that helps physicians detect cancer earlier and make better treatment recommendations. Dr. Polselli has worked for many years in radiology and always treats his patients with respect and honesty. He has helped many women detect early warning signs of cancer so that they can get the treatment they need quickly.

Ryan Polselli Anniversary

Ryan Polselli earned his “fellowship training in Breast Imaging as an Associate Professor of Medicine from the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University Hospital and The Avon Breast Foundation of Grady Memorial Hospital.” During his training period, Dr. Polselli found a love for breast imaging while in rotation in the radiology department. From there, he worked his way into private practice and has since served countless patients and aided in their cancer treatments.

Ryan Polselli uses his expertise to solve issues before they become serious problems for his patients. He has built a reputation for quality and compassion as a medical professional.

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Ryan Polselli: Working to Improve Breast Cancer Awareness

Ryan Polselli has worked in radiology for many years and has seen success stories and failures in the healthcare system when dealing with breast cancer patients. Despite the disease’s notoriety, he has found that many patients still don’t get screened for breast cancer until it’s too late. Dr. Polselli has helped many patients battle back against cancer, but he has also seen too many cases in which he couldn’t help.

Ryan Polselli decided to help raise awareness of breast cancer and the importance of getting screened regularly. Dr. Polselli is “currently working on speaking engagement for Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” and is scheduled to possibly speak for GE Aviation and Hillsborough County Breast Cancer Awareness Dedication.” His work in the community in spreading the word about breast cancer and the importance of early detection is only one facet of his mission to raise awareness and help as many patients as possible.

Ryan Polselli has long been dedicated to getting patients the best information about their disease and their treatment plans as possible. He understands the importance of giving all his patients clear and usable information.

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Ryan Polselli: Dedicated to Improving Healthcare Quality for All

Ryan Polselli is an experienced diagnostic radiologist and the head of Breast Imaging for Global Imaging Specialists, a leading cancer and diagnostic healthcare provider. Dr. Polselli founded the company MammoLink®, which produces new and improved breast imaging and diagnostic devices found in many clinics and health centers around the United States.

Ryan Polselli Abilene Texas

Ryan Polselli, while in residency at the Emory University Hospital and the Avon Breast Foundation at Grady Memorial Hospital, once joked that breast imaging was the one specialty he had no interest in, but once he discovered the massive problems the healthcare industry was having with early detection of breast cancer in women, he decided to step in and help if he could. After a rotation working with breast cancer detection early in his residency, he fell in love with the patient interaction side and decided he wanted to pursue the field full time.

Ryan Polselli has dedicated his career to improving the healthcare system, at least for his patients and his community. His membership on many different professional boards and associations plugs him in with the healthcare community at large.

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Ryan Polselli: Three Reasons to Do Regular Breast Self-Exams

Ryan Polselli, a seasoned breast imaging radiologist, has worked in the field for many years and has educated a plethora of women about the importance of breast self-exams, including a variety of reasons, such as the following:

• Making breast self-exams a normal habit can be life-saving. It is one of the best defenses against breast cancer, allowing women to catch lumps and/or irregularities early and address them as soon as possible. Because the rate of breast cancer has grown so rapidly over the past few decades, it’s important to catch it early because the survival rate increases the earlier you seek treatment.

• Doing breast self-exams is for all women of all ages, as it’s good to become familiar with your breast tissue as a younger person in order to easily notice any changes as you get older. In 1996, the American Cancer Society recommended that women twenty and over should complete regular self-exams each month.

• Completing breast self-exams is easy and quick, only taking you between ten and fifteen minutes each month. It’s common to feel like we need doctors to help us discover serious problems, but sometimes we can catch major issues on our own if we simply pay attention.

Ryan Polselli graduated from the University of Southern Florida’s Morsani College of Medicine, one of the best medical schools in the United States.

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Ryan Polselli: Three Reasons to Travel Internationally

Ryan Polselli, a seasoned breast imaging radiologist, knows that it’s important for everyone to take some time away from work to recharge their batteries and return to work refreshed and ready to get back to work, and Ryan Polselli knows that one of the best ways to fully disconnect from a busy schedule is to experience international travel for reasons such as the following:

Ryan Polselli

• International travel allows you to get out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in an entirely new culture. Traveling will allow you to see incredible sights, eat unique foods, meet people from all over the planet and hear interesting perspectives about the world that may be different from your own.

• Taking the time to explore new countries helps people learn how to become more independent, as you will no doubt encounter times when you will have to figure out how to communicate under difficult circumstances. International travel allows people to grow in ways that will help in every area of life, like advocating for yourself or communicating with people across languages.

Ryan Polselli knows that traveling internationally will allow you to break the routine of your daily life, which can often make us feel as though there is no life beyond our homes and work. This can put a damper on creativity and wonder while traveling reinvigorates us.

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